Wilder Change


Who is "about" for?

This is for anyone who wants to understand me. Below is nine short lessons that have really shaped who I am.

Bargain with the future

When I was in the 7th grade I read, Arnold Schwarzenegger: Education of a Bodybuilder. Soon after, I began going to the gym and really watching what food I put into my body. Currently I still believe just as strongly about the importance of taking care of yourself physically, but I learned a much more important lesson along the way. The most successful people sacrifice who they are today for who they can become tomorrow. They literally bargain with the future. Fascinating! Don’t get me wrong this is a very hard thing to do. In order to execute a long-term plan it takes an incredible amount of self-discipline, but I truly do believe our ability to change our future is the 9th wonder of the world. The 8th being compound interest of course.

Solve Problems

One of the most important figures of the 21st century is none other than Elon Musk. There is no doubt he is doing fantastic things with Tesla, SpaceX, and others, but I believe the most important thing he does is provide a great mindset for people in search of fulfillment. His philosophy is try and be as useful as you can be, and I can’t think of a more fulfilling mission whether you just want a 9-5 job or wish to start your own company. The thought of having a goal much larger than yourself to aim at makes what you do daily much more meaningful.

All in

I didn’t realize till after I graduated and stopped playing baseball just how much I need competition. I truly need that feeling of all or nothing. You know the anxiety and excitement all bundled into one as you head off ready to give everything you have in order to succeed. For me this is the best drug in the world, and life is simply much more dull without it. The competitive axis of business is definitely one that I find very compelling.

Eternal sponge

You have probably heard of the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and for good reason too. When I read this in the 11th grade the book described my middle class situation to a tee. It was almost spooky. Years later financial literacy is now my wheelhouse, but much like the Arnold book from before, the underlying lesson has been equally important. I wondered to myself, if I thought I knew a lot about money, but clearly I didn’t… What other parts of my life am I deluding myself in? From that point on I began reading every single day, and I still do. I believe we must all be eternal sponges or die!

“The mind boggles the brain”

During some point late in my highschool career I realized that I have a deep fascination with brains and intelligence. Around this time I also began seeing some pretty wild claims about artificial intelligence, so I decided on a whim that I would start learning Ai. This never ending journey is what led me down the computer science path. I really do love computer science, but often I forget that it is my underlying passion with intelligence that led me there.

Simply, leadership

I have been so lucky to have had Bill Taylor as my highschool baseball coach. His leadership capabilities are so immense, and even attempting to describe them in mere words is a disservice to him. I had never considered myself a leader growing up, but thankfully I got a first hand lesson for three years directly from the most qualified person I’ve ever met. In all honesty being a strong leader, like many things, is fairly simple but not easy. I now consider myself a very capable leader, and the majority of that was learned through my years as a Brookland Bearcat. If Coach Taylor is reading… Thank you.

People Matter

In the summer of 10th grade I started dating the most wonderful girl. One of the most fascinating things was getting to deeply explore the facets of her life. Her family was not like mine at all. They had many social ties, and my family had always been very to ourselves in a sense. It was just incredible watching how this girl and her family would navigate all these people effortlessly. They were always nice to everyone. This experience really opened my eyes to the importance your social connections can play in your life in a way I had never seen before. Sadly the relationship with the girl would not work out, but I will always cherish the time and experiences I had with her. In the end, people matter.

Be bored and self-reflect

One of the key reasons our relationship didn’t last was because I lost too much of myself along the way. People matter, but so do you. It is crucial that we all sit down and self-reflect often. Life gets fast in a hurry, and doing this will keep it from speeding right past you. It is painful to sit with your thoughts. For one it is boring, and secondly most people have a lot of unresolved demons. It takes genuine effort to confront your own underlying problems, but we all will be better off when we do.

Decentralize everything!

I am lucky enough to be a teenager during one of the most exciting times in history! In order of increasing generality I’m talking about decentralized finance, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies. Did you know roughly a fifth of all U.S. dollars were printed in the last 12 months as of the time of this writing? Yup no typo there, a fifth! Crypto will have its impact regardless of how well the U.S. carries itself, but this is a pretty dangerous experiment the U.S. is participating in. I believe decentralized blockchains and their uses will be recognized as a major revolution in the 21st century as crypto begins to cross an inflexion point. I hope I can contribute something to the ecosystem.