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What is this?

This is a reverse-chronological list of my journey into all things computer science. I give brief descriptions and some commentary about the events, but I encourage you to email me or look at the code if you have any questions or comments.


This was my “hello world” project for crypto. It is a NFT collection based on the Rick Rolled meme, and truly one of the greatest NFT collections that never took off imo. Still I learned quite a bit about web3 and solidity which was my original goal anyway. I also wanted to see if I was really cut out for my high minded ambitions, so I was logging 10+ hour workdays. Ultimately I got this entire thing out the door in only a month all on my own.

Feel free to check it out, but it will take a good 30 seconds to load at first since it is only running on free servers now.

(This is running on free servers, so it might take 30 seconds or so to load)

Persistancy Score: 10/10


CS50w Harvard's Intro To Web Design

This past summer I really wanted to build something “official”. I had pretty much reached the limit of what I could do with Ai given my limited compute power, and I had been doing some research into the crypto space. I thought the technology had potential, so I set out to build a website in order to truly learn these technologies, starting with this course.

Persistancy Score: 5/10

Tab Predictor

I thought it would be fun to build a basic model that predicts what tab you will open when you first open google chrome. In retrospect I should have used a different model structure, (RNN or transformer) and I only got the accuracy up to 60% on the test set. I might revisit this in the future who knows.

Persistancy Score: 5/10

CS50ai Harvard's Intro To Ai

Since I was so impressed with Cs50x, I had high expectations here. There were a lot of great basic algorithmic concepts taught in this class, but not near enough deep learning stuff to advance my knowledge in that domain at this point.

Persistancy Score: 7/10

Deep Learning Specialization - Coursera

Riding high I began my way deep into the depths of “deep learning”. I was already quite familiar with basic models from the books and previous Udemy course, but this specialization really dove fairly deep into the underlying math. While I did my best to soak it all up there are undoubtedly parts I won’t remember. Nonetheless, I got the chance to build some pretty neat stuff in this course.

Persistancy Score: 8/10

Vex EDR Clawbot

My senior year in high school I worked on writing a guide to this Vex robot. It wasn’t hard to program, but I had to do it because I was “too advanced” for the basic coding class that I was supposed to be taking. This was actually really fun to see what I could make the robot do despite its trivial nature.

Persistancy Score: 4/10


Right about the time I completed Cs50x I was so burnt out from the difficulty of the course. I wanted to build something real and badass! The Boring Company’s “Not a Flamethrower” came to mind. Elon had said it wasn’t that hard to build, and he was right.

Persistancy Score: 3/10


CS50x Harvard's Intro To CS

This is where I took off. This course really opened my eyes to what coding actually was. I was fascinated and completely blown away. I fought long and hard to complete the course, and came out a better man for it. I just can’t explain how amazing this course was.

Persistancy Score: 8/10

Udemy Ai Course

After I felt like I had a firm footing in programming, (which I didn’t) I was ready to tackle Ai. I took some an Udemy course, and I was struggling with basic setup of a programming project. I really just wasn’t proficient with computers at the time, and ultimately ended up quitting. While I didn’t do any of the projects, I did watch all of the videos and gained a very intuitive sense of the field.

Persistancy Score: 4/10

Python 3 on Codecademy

Four years ago I began to notice the amazing things Ai was capable of, and immediately I felt like the world was leaving me behind. In order to resolve some of my intense anxiety I decided it was time to learn just how this Ai stuff worked. However, first I had to learn to program!

Persistancy Score: 2/10

Richey's Rivalry: Fundraiser

This is a fundraiser I had the joy of creating for a teacher of mine in highschool. I'm just glad I could help.