Wilder Change


What I'm always doing

I am always doing five things in order to keep my sanity really. I find this routine keeps me at optimal performance in all aspects of my life.

Daily routine:


Right now I am obsessed with the cryptocurrency space. It moves at such an incredible speed, so I am constantly pouring over new defi smart contracts and whitepapers to understand these projects.

I am thinking through some of the main problems with crypto, and really trying to contemplate how it could be better. Ie fiat onboarding difficulties in the US, the wallet experience in VR, the lack of guidance and ease of use for newcomers, a few thoughts on the future of DAOs, and dreaming of a hyper efficient Ai powered “metaverse”. Lots of problems means lots of opportunity to fix them :)

Right now I’m working on a book sharing project. Think of it like a decentralized Napster for books. The core idea is to amass a large library of book PDFs stored on IPFS that the hashes are then put on the rinkeby testnet. Anyone can upload to the smart contract using their crypto wallet, and they can see what everyone else has uploaded as well. The coolest part is that this website will be “static” since all the dynamic data is being stored through web3; therefore, the site can be hosted by anyone on their github pages.

This past summer I actually released my own project. It is an NFT collection based on the Rick Rolled meme. It is really nothing serious, but it sure was fun to make. Feel free to check it out, but it will take a good 30 seconds to load at first since it is only running on free servers now.


Artificial Intelligence

I am always thinking about the brain, and I keep up with the major innovations within artificial intelligence. I enjoy working on projects within Ai, and I’ve been exploring this technology for a few years now.

Sadly I don’t have any cool personal Ai projects in the works right now, but I always have my ears open.


Right now I am working with Astate on some research. The aim of our team’s project is to generate a more readable font for dyslexics using a generative adversarial network. (An Ai model) My responsibilities are to build the website we will be administering tests from in order to collect data for our model and to help improve the Ai model in any way that I can. Although, we are planning to only slightly modify the Attr2font model featured in another research paper.


I am enrolled at Arkansas State University pursuing a bachelor of science degree in computer science with a minor in general business.

Plans for summer 2022

I would really like an exciting internship or research opportunity related to either crypto or Ai. Preferably somewhere out of Arkansas too. If you have any ideas feel free to shoot me an email.

Updated 12/11/2021