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Eli Richmond

What I'm Doing Now

updated 03/12/2022


I really enjoy all things crypto. Being a programmer, I'm more interested in the technology than the speculation. However, I do have a few long term investments of my own.

I'm really captivated by Lens Protocol and a decentralized form of social media. There seems to be serious potential there, but I can see several pitfalls as well.

I am open to diving into a project seeing as I am a full stack developer and a solidity developer as well. I'm always looking for important problems to solve.

Overall I'm just really excited with the entire field. If anyone has questions about crypto or smart contracts, I'd be happy to help in any way I can :) Just shoot me an email

Artificial Intelligence

I'm really not doing anything in Ai right now despite it being my first love. All the innovation is happening with these gigantic models that I can only read about. Although, I'm certain that Ai will play a large part in any business that I start, so I'm always staying up to date on the frontier of Ai.

I'm a huge believer in the decentralization of big data. This goes right along with my optimism of decentralized social media. I am working on a blog post about those two things, so keep an eye out for it ;)


I'm working under Dr. Jake Qualls at Astate doing research with the No Boundaries Thinking program, a collaboration with 7 out of 9 colleges on campus. Our thesis is to use a generative adversarial network (Ai model) to create the most comprehensible font for dyslexic readers.

In short, we will be giving tests to dyslexic students to collect the data our model will use. My job is to build the website - frontend and backend - that this test will be taken on.


I am pursing an undergraduate degree in computer science at Arkansas State University.

Plans for summer 2022

I've got some ideas, but I want yours... What should I do? Email me :)