What I'm Doing Now

updated 2022-09-15


I'm working under Dr. Jake Qualls at Astate doing research with the No Boundaries Thinking program, a collaboration with 7 out of 9 colleges on campus. Our thesis is to use a generative adversarial network (Ai model) to create the most comprehensible font for dyslexic readers.

In short, we will be giving tests to dyslexic students to collect the data our model will use. My job was to build to website that the tests will be given from. Now I get to begin on the Ai stuff as we roll into data collection!


I am pursing an undergraduate degree in computer science with a minor in business at Arkansas State University.

I'm in my Junior year - by hours anyways.

Artificial Intelligence

I've finally started working on an interesting project. It is very early, so I'll let it develop a little more before I say anything else about it.


I haven't done anything in crypto for some time now.

It seems like the killer app is right on the tip of everybody's tongues.

Projects (In general)

What are you working on? :) I'd love to hear it.